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For more than two and a half decades Screen Magic has been the place to go for your Screen Print and Embroidery needs. We also have a top notch design crew in house to help make sure that you always look your best.

Screen Printing

There really isn't anything out there like good, old fahioned screen printing. It wears so nicely and just looks good. We can print your own graphics or work with you to create something custom. See examples in our portfolio below!


Want that professional look? Embroidery can really make your logo or design stand out. Let us help you shine!


Not everyone has a designer that they can call when needed, and sometimes, you really need one. Well, now you have one! Give us a call and we will make sure that your artwork says just the right thing about who you are and what you do!


Don't just take our word for it. They say that seeing is believing, so please, take a look and see what we can do! Also check out our social media links at the bottom of the contact page, we keep our instagram updated with new projects :)

Screen Printing

The heart of our business.


Put that needle to the groove!

Graphic Design

No art? We can help.


Who are these people anyway?

  • 1988

    It seems like a lifetime ago.

    It was almost the end of the 80s when this company starting out in a garage with just a few tools and a big dream. Things were not easy back then and most of the work fell on just two people. Our founder and his wife. A true underdog story, this couple had to work very hard to keep their business going!

  • 1992

    Brick and Mortar

    By the early 90s things were starting to really take shape. Now the company had a total of 3.5 employees, (one guy still in high school worked part time.) We had moved into an actual office space that was bigger than the garage although it didn't feel like it because now the customer base was growing too. This small team was busy making history and really learning the art of screen printing.

  • 1997

    Full Speed Ahead!

    By the end of the 90s we were really moving forward. We now had to move again, into a larger place of business, with added embroidery machines and employees. We weren't worried about the Y2K bug yet because we had trucker hats and baggy tees and hoodies to print!

  • 2016

    Still moving forward!

    Fast forward to the present and wow, we have been through so many chages and growth spurts. We have managed to keep our customers happy and returning. Somehow the word has been leaking out and even more people want to work with us. We love seeing you all and we keep growing to accomodate the added need. We have learned so much along the way and have just seen the tip of the iceburg!

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Company Casuals

Company Casuals

Traditional Apparel



Athletic Apparel


Alpha Broder

Traditional Apparel

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